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Hello, Greetings from Pakistan, I am Shahid Rehmat from Lahore, Ifa intern based in Berlin for 12 weeks.

My experience as a member of the Christian minority in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan stimulates my interest in learning about conflict, peace and self-identity. On the issue of acceptance, inclusion and intercultural harmony at the community level. I started my own Youth Development Foundation (YDF)in 2010. YDF exists to foster social cohesion in Pakistani society by initiating a youth movement that would teardown socio-cultural, religious and communal barriers; cherish the immense social diversity and protect rights of minorities and other marginalized groups.

However it is not easy to organize interfaith dialogues in Pakistan, mainly due to sensitivities around the blasphemy laws. I tackles issues of religious extremism through religious initiatives in Pakistan. We are therefore also extremely resistant to counter narratives. More than 1500 young people attend our programs every year.

I want to extend my network of friends and fellow activists from Germany. I want to learn during my studies. I want to acquire my knowledge in German and Europe. I want to learn more about the new approaches, techniques and methodologies. Subsequently, in Pakistan, I want to learn what I have learned.

Shahid Rehmat

Youth Development Foundation (YDF)