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Hel­lo, Gree­tings from Paki­stan, I am Shahid Reh­mat from Laho­re, Ifa intern based in Ber­lin for 12 weeks.

My expe­ri­ence as a mem­ber of the Chris­ti­an mino­ri­ty in the Isla­mic Repu­blic of Paki­stan sti­mu­la­tes my inte­rest in lear­ning about con­flict, peace and self-iden­ti­ty. On the issue of accep­t­ance, inclu­si­on and inter­cul­tu­ral har­mo­ny at the com­mu­ni­ty level. I star­ted my own Youth Deve­lo­p­ment Foun­da­ti­on (YDF)in 2010. YDF exists to fos­ter social cohe­si­on in Paki­sta­ni socie­ty by initia­ting a youth move­ment that would tear­down socio-cul­tu­ral, reli­gious and com­mu­nal bar­ri­ers; che­rish the immense social diver­si­ty and pro­tect rights of mino­ri­ties and other mar­gi­na­li­zed groups.

Howe­ver it is not easy to orga­ni­ze inter­faith dia­lo­gues in Paki­stan, main­ly due to sen­si­ti­vi­ties around the blas­phe­my laws. I tack­les issu­es of reli­gious extre­mism through reli­gious initia­ti­ves in Paki­stan. We are the­re­fo­re also extre­me­ly resistant to coun­ter nar­ra­ti­ves. More than 1500 young peop­le attend our pro­grams every year.

I want to extend my net­work of friends and fel­low acti­vists from Ger­ma­ny. I want to learn during my stu­dies. I want to acqui­re my know­ledge in Ger­man and Euro­pe. I want to learn more about the new approa­ches, tech­ni­ques and metho­do­lo­gies. Sub­se­quent­ly, in Paki­stan, I want to learn what I have learned.

Shahid Reh­mat

Youth Deve­lo­p­ment Foun­da­ti­on (YDF)