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Mes­sa­ge of Easter

Some years ago I cele­bra­ted Eas­ter in Jeru­sa­lem. I brought this icon with me from Jeru­sa­lem to Ber­lin. The resur­rec­ted Jesus Christ gives the man­da­te to Mary to bring the good news to the friends of Jesus, that Jesus vio­lent death is not the end of the sto­ry of God with us.
Below the feet of Jesus and Mary you can see a lot of women and men who give the good news to other peop­le out­side the church­es, syn­ago­ges, mos­ques and temp­les of dif­fe­rent religions.
This icon stands befo­re me in the­se days lon­ging for Eas­ter in the times of Coro­na. I medi­ta­te how I can be a good mes­sen­ger of Jesus Christ resur­rec­tion for you. Which good news of love and life are stron­ger than death I have to tell?
In this moment I grace­ful­ly rea­li­ze that I have spo­ken with some good mes­sen­gers of the Eas­ter mes­sa­ge in the last days:
Sarah the young design stu­dent who now pro­du­ces one Coro­na-mask after the other.
Bala the Afri­can refu­gee from Benin who works in a home for elder­ly peop­le in Dres­den and cares affec­tio­n­a­ly for a dying iso­la­ted lady.
Tho­mas the medi­cal doc­tor who accom­pa­nies faith­ful­ly and with a smi­le his pati­ents and rese­ar­ches day and night to find some medi­ci­ne to fight the virus.
Raed who encou­ra­ges mus­lim and jewish child­ren in Jeru­sa­lem to crea­te pic­tures of a bet­ter life for all.
All of them are mes­sen­gers of the good news of Eas­ter: Love and life are stron­ger than death and des­pair. They are Marys who share the good news of the resur­rec­tion of Jesus Christ as the first of his bro­thers and sis­ters, of us all.
And so I sing the good news of Easter:
Christ is risen. He is inde­ed risen. Share the light and hope of Eas­ter! Hallelujah!

Rev. Dr. Ger­di Nüt­zel, Berlin