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Message of Easter

Some years ago I celebrated Easter in Jerusalem. I brought this icon with me from Jerusalem to Berlin. The resurrected Jesus Christ gives the mandate to Mary to bring the good news to the friends of Jesus, that Jesus violent death is not the end of the story of God with us.
Below the feet of Jesus and Mary you can see a lot of women and men who give the good news to other people outside the churches, synagoges, mosques and temples of different religions.
This icon stands before me in these days longing for Easter in the times of Corona. I meditate how I can be a good messenger of Jesus Christ resurrection for you. Which good news of love and life are stronger than death I have to tell?
In this moment I gracefully realize that I have spoken with some good messengers of the Easter message in the last days:
Sarah the young design student who now produces one Corona-mask after the other.
Bala the African refugee from Benin who works in a home for elderly people in Dresden and cares affectionaly for a dying isolated lady.
Thomas the medical doctor who accompanies faithfully and with a smile his patients and researches day and night to find some medicine to fight the virus.
Raed who encourages muslim and jewish children in Jerusalem to create pictures of a better life for all.
All of them are messengers of the good news of Easter: Love and life are stronger than death and despair. They are Marys who share the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the first of his brothers and sisters, of us all.
And so I sing the good news of Easter:
Christ is risen. He is indeed risen. Share the light and hope of Easter! Hallelujah!

Rev. Dr. Gerdi Nützel, Berlin