Oster­gruß von Imam Taha Sabri

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At Eas­ter, natu­re awa­kens to new life, ever­ything begins to bloom and green.
We wish you a peace­ful, bles­sed and hap­py Eas­ter holiday.
The real mea­ning of Eas­ter is love, hope and forgiveness!
Jesus, known as Isa in Ara­bic, is men­tio­ned 25 times in the Quran. This book calls him the “spi­rit” and “word” of God, and the belief in Jesus, who is con­si­de­red one of the grea­test pro­phe­ts in Islam is a fun­da­men­tal pil­lar of faith for a Muslim.
While many Chris­ti­ans may find it qui­te asto­nis­hing, Islam wor­s­hips both Jesus and his mother. Maria or Maryam, as it is cal­led in the Koran, is con­si­de­red by Mus­lims to be the most sub­li­me among women, whe­re­as Jesus is undoub­ted­ly a sym­bol of sel­fless­ness and righ­te­ous­ness, wor­s­hi­p­ed by fol­lo­wers of both faiths.
The sto­ries that depict his suf­fe­ring and per­se­cu­ti­on vivid­ly illus­tra­te how he remai­ned stead­fast and sel­fless and upheld the princi­ples of truth­ful­ness and jus­ti­ce. This shows how Jesus embo­di­ed humi­li­ty, sel­fless­ness, pati­ence and com­pas­si­on, values that should be remem­be­red by both Mus­lims and Chris­ti­ans alike.
The gol­den rule of trea­ting others the way you want to be trea­ted yourself is cen­tral to all mora­li­ty. It requi­res that we put our own inte­rests asi­de and show empa­thy for others by stan­ding in their shoes.
In the­se dif­fi­cult times of the pan­de­mic, Eas­ter sym­bo­li­zes more than ever love and hope. Let us all stand tog­e­ther and help each other!

Imam Taha Sabri