Crossculture Religious Studies Summer School 2023: Ecological Crisis and Religions | Uni Salzburg

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The second SummerSchool of the Crossculture Religious Studies Project focuses on the topic ‚Ecological Crisis and Religions‘. Our ecosystem is under extraordinary stress, the predominantly human-made ecological crisis can no longer be overlooked and raises the question of the helpful contribution of religions in overcoming it. This is because religions and the ecological crisis, as cultural products of human beings, are intertwined in many ways. On the one hand, religions see humans in their responsibility for their living space and thus for the earth and the universe as the entire living world; on the other hand, the exploitation of the earth is also attributed to the influence of religions. The SummerSchool offers diverse contributions from the religious studies perspective of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Indonesian and African tribal religions and other religion-related perspectives with representatives from the partner universities of the Crossculture Religious Studies project: Nairobi, Seoul, Munich, Haifa, Varanasi, Yogyacarta.

Participation is open to all interested and we feel honored to welcome you in Salzburg during the summer. Salzburg is not only known for its breathtaking festivals but also for its fluffy pastries, its green city mountains and its magnificent lakes. The Summer School is in cooperation with the Salzburger Hochschulwochen, which is an international and interdisciplinary summer university located in the heart of the city, founded in 1931 by the Benedictines of the entire German-speaking area and now an event of Paris Lodron University Salzburg.

Das detaillierte Programm der Summer School ist online verfügbar.