Meeting with Dr. Thomas Würtz (Catholic Academy in Berlin)

2018-02-15T16:10:10+00:00 15. Februar 2018|internship|

It was a great meeting with Dr. Thomas Würtz from Catholic Academy in Berlin and Fr.Christopher from Anglican Church Berlin. We have talked about interfaith issues in Pakistan and Germany and possible partnership can be developed. Dr. Thomas offers his support for any kind of help like language assistance and giving a

My Journey so far!

2018-02-06T11:09:18+00:00 05. Februar 2018|internship|

Hello, Greetings from Pakistan, I am Shahid Rehmat from Lahore, Ifa intern based in Berlin for 12 weeks. My experience as a member of the Christian minority in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan stimulates my interest in learning about conflict, peace and self-identity. On the issue of acceptance, inclusion and


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Im Rahmen des CrossCulture-Programms des Instituts für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) wird ein katholischer Pakistani vom 5. Februar bis zum 30. März ein Berufspraktikum beim Berliner Forum der Religionen absolvieren.